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Mario: he’s part of MY family

I love to buy myself things and particularly when there is something of a limited number and when it is cheap! (I got the last one!) I bought myself a gaming t-shirt yesterday that cost £8 celebrating Mario being founded since 1985 which makes him older than me! I have seen the advert on tv […]

Relaunch of DSHeaven 16/7/10

I Hereby Declare That DSHeaven Is Now Back In Business! The look has not changed at all but I have now got a full site with contact form and a competition to become an affiliate. Sorry folks for the months I have been away. Please do look through my blog and re-inspire yourselves to go […]

Meeting Jason Bradbury In Basingstoke

I knew about a month ago that Jason was going to be in Basingstoke for the launch of his second in the trilogy of his Dot.Robot books. I planned a train journey and thought I’d try get there at 12 mid day… but as I have a disability I went with my mum :) (In […]

USB Flexi Keyboard

Now I have a bit of tech for you that is really good for using with the Wii. My USB flexi keyboard is a welcome addition to my technology life. I have used it on my computers but the great thing is that the Wii has 2 USB slots at the back. A little while […]

Wii Fit

So sorry I havent written anything here for months. But must start by blogging about Wii Fit in the leadup to blogging about my new game coming this week (or should that be wii-k). I’m getting Wii Sports Resort :-) I wont blog WSR until I have played but I want to ask now who […]

Twitter Kills Your Life

I’m on as you are probably aware, and I have been drawn into it by a few of my friends online. I joined in 2008, and I am glad I did because I have made so many new friendships. Before joining I didn’t know what it was all about even though that people like […]

Valebrity Confirms Jason Bradbury!

Today I decided to add Jason Bradbury to the site I wrote my post and after I came back some time later, I dicovered that someone had edited the post and had published it! Please see : Jason at Valebrity I have been talking to Jason for a few days now on Twitter and […]

Happy New DS-ing Year!

Happy New Gaming Year to all of my fellow gamers. Sorry I have not been on here in a while, as I was trying hard to get a job and I was getting nowhere – I still am not in a job and I am feeling a little sad. I cant wait for all the […]