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Unused Games Worth Nearly £2bn

The average gamer has a stack of games in their collection. An online survey by Swapgame has reported that 1 in 5 consumers have 10 or more games that they havent played in the past 6 months (survey taken in 2009). Even some gamers buying around 5 new games a year means that older games […]

Wii Fit

So sorry I havent written anything here for months. But must start by blogging about Wii Fit in the leadup to blogging about my new game coming this week (or should that be wii-k). I’m getting Wii Sports Resort :-) I wont blog WSR until I have played but I want to ask now who […]

Happy New DS-ing Year!

Happy New Gaming Year to all of my fellow gamers. Sorry I have not been on here in a while, as I was trying hard to get a job and I was getting nowhere – I still am not in a job and I am feeling a little sad. I cant wait for all the […]