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If you like my efforts and what I have done in this blog, please tell me.
Don’t forget to check back another time for more additions.


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There are 9 Comments to "Guestbook"

  • Mayu says:

    What, no one has written here something? Then I’ll start with commenting in your guestbook, yay ;)
    I really like how you created this blog, clearly arranged, wonderful described infos about Tetris and ACWW and you’re a really lovely ACWW player, it’s fun playing with you together ^^ (Tetris was also very fun XD )

  • DSHeaven says:

    You nearly made me cry! thanks ever so much !

    Plus I’ll have more up here soon. I’m writing the content…


  • Mayu says:

    Hi Sink! Long time no see :) ! You’re fine? I hope so ^^

  • piratealfonso says:

    Hehehe! You gave all your DS games 10/10! You must love DS-ing! I wish I could say the same; I’ve bought some dodgy games (Worms Open Warfare, I’m looking at you) in the past and I hate wasting 30-40 of my hard earned English pounds! Also, I’m really sorry about your WiFi… I think it’s a bit unfair that your mum has decided to change the settings without hearing your side of the argument. :( But, she must have her reasons…

  • Alfonso says:


  • Thea says:

    Hello, I don’t have email – but I desperately wanted to comment on your blog, so I made one up, hope this is ok ;) Remember me? I think we did WiFi together a long time together on ACWW ^^

    Mayu said you play AClgttc too and were looking for someone to WiFi with? I think she recommended me as a good person to play with however I’m currently not playing as I’m busy. Maybe some time in the future though ;)

    I also wanted to say how lovely this blog is! It’s really well organised and you have done some great posts! I will visit it regularly from now on :)

  • DSHeaven says:

    Course I remember you!

  • Sorcha says:

    Heyy DSHeaven! I saw your blog link on Mayu’s blog!
    You’re blog is really well put together and there are some really clever ideas on here!
    Congratulations on your app hope all goes well unfortunately I have an old laptop and nothing else so its a shame I cant use it :/
    Hope all goes well in the continuation of you blog (don’t leave it like I did XD)

  • DSHeaven says:

    Thanks – Get an ipod :) great fun they are!

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