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Mario Wordsearch

Here is the wordsearch I made for when I was Mario at my local Girl Guides group: Mario Wordsearch Print: just download and open in a PDF reader such as Adobe Have fun!

The Sims Social

I have always loved The Sims and I mostly like it on the PC because it has more options on it. I am on The Sims 2 now when everyone else is on The Sims 3 (just because I can buy TS2 packs cheaper!) However there is Nintendo DS and iPod/iPhone Sims games and you […]

Gaming In The 21st Century

I have watched the “Electric Dreams” program and I was amazed at what difference the house was between having nothing and then having everything. In the 1990’s there was the Gameboy which stole kids (and adults) hearts and it meant that Tetris and games alike could now be taken anywhere. I hope the future now […]


It’s not too late to see my blog updates – there is a really easy way… Use FLUD which is free on the Apple App store! It comes with pre installed RSS feeds (geeky) which you can chose to get rid of if you so choose, you can even add RSS feeds to it by […]

Freeloader Pico

If you are into gaming for the DS/DSi and using an iPod/iPhone on the move then You will LOVE this : A solar cell from called the Freeloader Pico. I have often been stuck somewhere when I really want to ring home or such for a lift, and I have forgotten that I have […]

I’m very ‘APPy

My App has entered the App store and id like to thank Ashley Williams for making it for me as I have not got a Mac. The app is called DSHeaven and can be found on the app store or you can see it on your ipod/iphone by typing Ashley Williams OR DSHeaven. I have […]

Magic Boy Should Get Re-release

This game should be re-released on the Wii or DS Nintendo console because I really enjoyed playing it in my youth. Its challenging levels bring excitement and everyone should play this at some time in their life. I started playing Magic Boy in the 90’s and I think it is a great game because it […]

Nintendo 3DS : Will It Kill 2D Gaming?

So now the next Nintendo handheld console is due to hit the shelves sometime, what does everyone think of the hype surrounding it and will it bring more gamers. Or is 2D still where it is at for old school gaming? Please let me know your thoughts.

Easter Eggs

No its far too late for chocolate eggs, isnt it? Easter Eggs are special things that game developers put into games to get players to find so that they enjoy the game more and it is usually done to help people relax and want to carry on finding more silly things as they play. Some […]

Geometry Wars

I have been playing Geometry Wars for a couple of months. I enjoy playing it because it is fast paced and I need to have faster reactions. In Geometry Wars you have shapes that you must fire at to gain points. There are several vesions to buy and I have both the DS and the […]