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It’s not too late to see my blog updates – there is a really easy way… Use FLUD which is free on the Apple App store! It comes with pre installed RSS feeds (geeky) which you can chose to get rid of if you so choose, you can even add RSS feeds to it by […]

12 Days Are Almost Upon Us!

Are you all excited for the season of good-will? During Christmas I will be Tweeting as usual but expect to see a post after 12th day (5/6 Jan) when I want to relaunch my 2011 campaign for gaming! But to get you all into the spirit of Xmas, Lima Sky have released a special Christmas […]

Farmville Fanatic?

And you thought that DS games got addictive, wait till you read this: Farmville debt, by a 12 year old boy There are millions of users of Farmville on Facebook and although this is a pretty old Mashable blog post I thought it worked really well on my blog right now, as I’m going to […]

Mario: he’s part of MY family

I love to buy myself things and particularly when there is something of a limited number and when it is cheap! (I got the last one!) I bought myself a gaming t-shirt yesterday that cost £8 celebrating Mario being founded since 1985 which makes him older than me! I have seen the advert on tv […]

I’m very ‘APPy

My App has entered the App store and id like to thank Ashley Williams for making it for me as I have not got a Mac. The app is called DSHeaven and can be found on the app store or you can see it on your ipod/iphone by typing Ashley Williams OR DSHeaven. I have […]

Relaunch of DSHeaven 16/7/10

I Hereby Declare That DSHeaven Is Now Back In Business! The look has not changed at all but I have now got a full site with contact form and a competition to become an affiliate. Sorry folks for the months I have been away. Please do look through my blog and re-inspire yourselves to go […]

Scouting For Affiliates

Please look no further than HERE if you want to become a real affiliate to my site! Have a go and tell me why you want to become a partner in less than 100 words, impress me, go wild and surprise me with your wisdom! I will pick the best ones! GOOD LUCK GANG! DO […]

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Magic Boy Should Get Re-release

This game should be re-released on the Wii or DS Nintendo console because I really enjoyed playing it in my youth. Its challenging levels bring excitement and everyone should play this at some time in their life. I started playing Magic Boy in the 90’s and I think it is a great game because it […]

Nintendo 3DS : Will It Kill 2D Gaming?

So now the next Nintendo handheld console is due to hit the shelves sometime, what does everyone think of the hype surrounding it and will it bring more gamers. Or is 2D still where it is at for old school gaming? Please let me know your thoughts.

Happy Bunny Easter Egg Day!

I had downloaded the calendar for my newly bought Animal Crossing Wii to tell me when there was going to be some of the festivals on the game. I found that Easter Sunday is Bunny Day on Animal Crossing on the Wii. So I decided I would have to go and play for a bit. […]