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Happy Bunny Easter Egg Day!

I had downloaded the calendar for my newly bought Animal Crossing Wii to tell me when there was going to be some of the festivals on the game. I found that Easter Sunday is Bunny Day on Animal Crossing on the Wii. So I decided I would have to go and play for a bit. […]

I Got Money

My main character has 1.007.000 in the bank!!! That’s a million!! Thanks everybody that has helped my balance grow with generosity!


Mum has decided to be a pest and change the router settings to WPA so that means that I can no longer wi-fi with anyone and my life will just become sad again. So I am not happy at all and I wish to protest… For all those lucky people who have got the right […]

Adventures in Leaftown

Sorry it is a tad late… This happened a few weeks ago and so I am going to post a few pictures of my friends and so on. I went to see Alfie in Leaftown for the firework display. We had a lovely time. This is our Clothes Roadshow ! We had a lot of […]

Pictures? I'll Give You Pictures!!

I got Champ the Chimp picture the other day! However today I went to the recycling bin and found Nana’s picture in there!! Hurrah!! That was fortunate.Has anyone ever had that happen?

Pictures Of Me…

I have gained Yuka’s pic and am ready and waiting to get more !! I am trying hard to get them and I really didn’t know that you could hide out the way for 10 minutes and then search. That’s how I got Yuka’s ! Hurrah!! I wonder who else’s I’ll get ?

Armand Uses His Magic Powers!!!

One of my most recent friends Armand used AR to make a Mario hat and shirt. Hanna, Miki, Armand and I had a fantastic time. Here’s some pictures: Mario has come to play ! … No it’s me actually (but it could have fooled some people!!) I had a great time guys!!

Hailey Came To Play

Hailey and I met up last night (23 July) and played in each others towns. We played hide and seek and tag as well as catching bugs and beetles. We had a great time!!! This was in her town: When we were bored she came to my town. We showed off our elephant beetles that […]

Giving Coconuts Away…

I opened my gates just before 3pm UK time today, and I had Eileen visit. I told her that I have not much fruit so I told her to take some coconuts. We went into some houses and bought some things in the shop. I had to go and do some real world jobs so […]

Where Have I Been?

Today I have been to Vesuvius’s and Tina’s towns for the very first time. Tina gave me some golden tools and then Mr Ressetti came up and destroyed the game! How dare he! At least I had everything saved! What’s more – he came twice! I had a nice time with both of them! Unfortunately […]