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Doodle Jump (Multi-platform)

One of my favourite games on the mobile platform without a doubt is Doodle Jump. you can get it on the iTunes App store for 69p in the UK and £2 on the Tesco network (for Sony Ericsson phones), and 61p on the Android Market.

The things I like with the iPhone/iPod App and Android Doodle Jump version is the touch screen ease of use and the different skins that you can have but if you play it on a phone that has no touch screen you are a bit limited, as you have to press buttons to fire etc…

My Sony Ericsson phone cuts off the screen after so much time so you have to keep firing your bullets in order for the screen to stay on – I’m sure I could have used some kind of setting to stop that but I was merely playing so I could write this up! Also you cant take it to another phone because it is only compatable with those types of phones… (and I knew my next phone would be touch sensitive so it was just pointless them stinging people for that money. £2 of my own money PLUS the charge for the downloading/searching for the app on MY credit!) AND if you want to upload your score to the web its even MORE money!!! PFFT!

The Android version plays just like the iPhone/iPod App and you can upload your scores to the internet. (The iPhone/iPod has the Game Center (Multiplayer) which you can battle against your friends). However the Android version has Local Challenge where you can physically pass the phone to someone sitting next to you and battle that way.

My favourite platform to play it on without question is the iPhone’s because of the features and that I have been playing that version the longest!

So come on Jumpers, tell me your highest score!

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