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Gaming In The 21st Century

I have watched the “Electric Dreams” program and I was amazed at what difference the house was between having nothing and then having everything.
In the 1990’s there was the Gameboy which stole kids (and adults) hearts and it meant that Tetris and games alike could now be taken anywhere.
I hope the future now lies with portable gaming as I cant begin to think what it would be like if I had not got my DSi handy to pick up! I never had a Gameboy but the Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS makes it all worth it now that the technology is here.

I wondered how the 21st century has shaped your gaming life and what you hope to get out of gaming technology during the next 5 years.
What games console do you frequently play and how long for?

This all put aside, it isnt doing much good for my health. I think I need to start walking… Ah there’s a DS game for that too! hehe

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