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Tiny Xmas Chef

I didnt expect to be back this soon but I have an app I really am enjoying at the moment and it is for free > Tiny Xmas Chef

It can be played at any time, so not just at Christmas as it has a real wintery feel to it and it has an easy to play style of gaming. You have to feed the people that come through the door and sit at the tables. To get the food to the customers you need to drag the meal onto the serving counters so the waiters can pick up food to serve it! However you must clean the stove after you cook so you can cook again!

You can customise the restaurant with different tables and chars and accessories like windows and plants and other great things which add to ‘room score’ for luxury items. Some luxury items will have to be paid for using the special green note cash as they are rare special enhancements. You can also use these green note cash for speeding up cooking so you cook a meal instantly. If you have no food on the serving counters you will lose customers and popularity.

You can master dishes exactly like other games with this style of gaming. As you cook more things and progress you earn money and Experience Ponts and you go up levels so eventuallly you can cook everything and be a total master of Xmas cooking!

Here is a screenshot of my game at level 8. You can see things cooking on the stove.

Screenshot of TXC

You can also upgrade the size of the restaurant with your cash and it replicates the floor and wall tiles to match with your design, where Baking Story (another iPhone/iPod game) fails to do this.

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