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    November 2010
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(Mr) AahH!!

All kids love rope swings and this game allows you to ropeswing as much as you want as you swing from pillar to pillar!

I have only just downloaded it today on my iPod, but I can see I am going to be playing it for a good while to try and beat it!

Your little stick man must land on the pillars and you must control when he drops… sounds simple..? When he is swinging back and forth and the heights and widths are different it proves not so easy!

If you get right in the middle of a pillar you get bonus points and you compete with others on the high score records chart to become top swinger! If you fall off you will lose a life (max at start is 3).

Go on, download it for fr€€ at the Apple app store right now before the offer goes!

Happy Swinging!

Mr Aahh

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