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I Jog, You Jog, Wii Jog!

Now I want to get more active and I think I found exactly the right thing to do it…

Enter the Wii Jog accessory, which works with the Nunchuck to give more than a leg stretch to your games!

It is used to make the Nunchuck compliant games more interactive as you have to actually run on the spot to make your character move anywhere. You must follow the instructions on the device booklet and move the joystick on the Nunchuck before you start to jog. When you stop jogging, no matter if you have the joystick out of normal position, your character will also come to a very abrupt halt!

A little while back Jason Bradbury tested out this gadget at the toy fair he went to….
Link to vid on Youtube

I managed to actually put on a sweat as I used it for a long time. I found a game that worked with it called deBlob and it helps me more as I can stay put on things rather than fall off. The only problem is I cant use it against the clock on there but it is great for social gatherings and just a great piece of tech to have a laugh with! It will also work with Animal Crossing too which makes life easier.
The game will work with most of the Nunchuck controlled games and you can see Jason demonstrate it in the video above!

The Jog costs around £10 now and is available at many online retailers!

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