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Wii Sports Resort

I have now played with the Wii Sports game for a day and I’ve quite enjoyed it.

The best games are Table Tennis and Basketball because I like to challenge mum.

At first play I wasn’t quite sure if it was going to be masses of fun because I was playing it on my own and not with anybody to beat (only myself). I have still got a couple of sports to try yet but I’ve had a go at most.

I like the graphical interface more on this version and as there are more sports (12) there is much more to do.

One little annoyance is that I would have liked all the sports from Wii Sports to be included – Bowling and Golf was brought over and the rest were not. Maybe there will be a sequal to the WSR named WSR2: The games we missed out of WSR1 (!)

I think this game is much more suited to families that can be around with each other all the time because they can play together. Even if Students who live together have a Wii this is great too because they can challenge each other.

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